Sex work

Sex workers have the right to set their own boundaries of what they will and will not do with each particular punter. You can’t expect or force a sex worker to do what you want just because you’re paying. There still has to be a negotiation around sex.

It’s wrong that many sex workers experience sexual assault as part of their working lives, as well as sometimes in their private lives. This is not OK. Sex workers have a right to autonomy over their bodies and their sexual lives, whether in work or not, in the same way as everyone. Sexual assault is sex without consent and it is a crime.

If you work in the commercial sex scene and you experience sexual assault as part of your work or in your private life, you can talk in confidence to Swish or to Galop.

If you‘ve experienced something you didn’t want or you feel confused about what’s happening when you’re having sex in any context, Galop’s specialist service can offer you listening, understanding and support in an informed and confidential way and help you report to the police, if this is what you want.

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