If you’re worried about your own behaviour…

You may be reading this website and it’s making you think about times when you’ve gone ahead without really making sure that the guy you’re with wants to do what you want to do. If so, then well done for having the courage to think about these issues and be honest with yourself.  And the good thing about behaviour is it can change! There are some straight forward things you can do today – ask, listen, think. There is also expert help available if you want more support to think about and change your behaviour.

Drinks and drugs

If you’re worried about your alcohol or drug taking, you feel it’s a bit out of control or is impairing your judgements in sexual situations, then contact Antidote at London Friend. Antidote at London Friend works with the lesbian, gay, bi and trans communities across London to provide advice, information and support with drug and alcohol issues. Antidote offers weekly drop-ins, complementary therapies, keyworking, counselling, group work, psychiatric assessments and specialist health screens. Antidote’s website contains lots of useful information about drugs and how they work. Antidote can help you find local support if you live out of London.


If you’re worried about the risks you’re taking during sex or your sexual health, Pace and GMFA runs support and learning groups for gay & bi men and have websites with a lot of useful information.

You can also contact your local sexual health clinic to talk through the issues and ask about local support.

If you’re worried about your behaviour on the harder sex scene, contact Code.


If you’re worried about your behaviour towards your boyfriend or partner, you can get help from Respect. Respect is a national organisation that runs specific support for people who are worried about their own behaviour towards their partner. It is inclusive of gay and bi men.