If things go wrong…

Do what you both want is about good sex for all guys. It’s about individual choices and behaviour – knowing your own boundaries and respecting those of others. It’s about how to deal with the tricky situations if and when they happen. It’s about all of us saying it’s hot to talk, listen and think about what we’re doing. It’s about all of us, as a community, having the courage to speak out about inappropriate, damaging, selfish behaviour that puts one person’s needs and desires over someone else’s.

Things do go wrong. Sexual assault does happen. It can be deeply damaging and traumatic. If it’s happened to you, you have a right to get support. Galop provides a free, confidential and independent service to all gay & bi guys, trans and cis-gendered, in Greater London who have experienced sexual assault, abuse or violence, however or whenever it happened. The service offers in-depth and on-going advocacy, listening and support in an informed, non-judgemental way as people come to terms with what they’ve experienced and deal with whatever issues it raises for them and their lives. Galop can also offer advice and help to access local support to guys across the country by email.

Galop understands the LGBTQ community and offers informed support for guys to think through their options and report to the police, if they want to. We’re not connected to the police and you can remain anonymous if you choose. We also help people access counselling, housing, health, drug & alcohol or other mainstream or LGBTQ specific services. The service is based on the values of inclusion and empowerment and aims to be personal, accessible and actively trans inclusive.

If you‘ve experienced something you didn’t want or you feel confused about what’s happening when you’re having sex in any context, Galop’s specialist service can offer you listening, understanding and support in an informed and confidential way and help you report to the police, if this is what you want.

Contact Catherine on 020 7704 2040 or at catherine.bewley@galop.org.uk