Harder sex scene

The harder sex scene is often closely linked to drug use. G and crystal meth in particular are linked to a higher incidence of sexual assault amongst guys. It doesn’t have to be this way. Get support to talk through your drug use from Code, the confidential service for guys into the harder sex scene.


Do what you both want is a campaign that aims to promote honest, clear communication around sex between guys. We recognise that the context within which guys are having sex sometimes means things happen that people don’t want and, perhaps, don’t always mean to happen. We don’t think it’s OK to accept that sexual assault is an ‘occupational hazard’ of sex in these sorts of contexts. It doesn’t have to be this way. Guys don’t want to experience sexual assault and most guys don’t want to be accused of it. Those that don’t care are dangerous and we should all have courage to speak out about their behaviour.

Let’s start being honest about what’s happening and changing how we deal with our communication and behaviour so sex can be good for everyone!

If you‘ve experienced something you didn’t want or you feel confused about what’s happening when you’re having sex in any context, Galop’s specialist service can offer you listening, understanding and support in an informed and confidential way and help you report to the police, if this is what you want.

Contact Catherine on 020 7704 2040 or at catherine.bewley@galop.org.uk