Drugs and alcohol

Just to be clear, you can’t give your consent to sex – or someone can’t give it to you – if you or they are unconscious or so intoxicated or wasted that they are unable to make a choice in that moment.

The reality is that many of us use drugs and alcohol for enjoyment and to ease our social anxieties around flirting, cruising and getting off with someone. Many of us use them to enhance our experience of sex. Some of us are addicted in a longer-term way. Some scenes – like the harder sex scene – are closely linked to drug use.

Drugs are about immediate gratification and we can often forget about the consequences. They can make us feel more confident and sexier, but the flip side is that we can make poorer judgements about our own choices and those of others.

You can get good advice about the safer use of drugs and alcohol and support to reduce your use from Antidote, the specialist confidential independent service for gay & bi men, lesbians, and trans people.


If you‘ve experienced something you didn’t want or you feel confused about what’s happening when you’re having sex in any context, Galop’s specialist service can offer you listening, understanding and support in an informed and confidential way and help you report to the police, if this is what you want.

Contact Catherine on 020 7704 2040 or at catherine.bewley@galop.org.uk