About the campaign

Do what you both want is a campaign that aims to promote honest, clear communication around sex between guys. We recognise that the context within which guys are having sex sometimes means things happen that people don’t want and, perhaps, don’t always mean to happen. We don’t think it’s OK to accept that sexual assault is an ‘occupational hazard’ of sex in these sorts of contexts. It doesn’t have to be this way. Guys don’t want to experience sexual assault and most guys don’t want to be accused of it. So let’s start being honest about what’s happening and changing how we deal with our communication and behaviour so sex can be good for everyone!

At the beginning of 2012 Galop heard about a Californian campaign called My Strength (www.mystrength.org) aimed at getting men to take more responsibility for their sexual behaviour. The My Strength campaign focuses on consent – making sure everyone is agreeing to sex. This campaign struck a chord with Galop as we have worked on issues around consent in our client and outreach work related to our Sexual Abuse Casework service for many years. Very recently, a new campaign has been launched in Scotland with the same message (www.wecanstopit.co.uk).

One thing we really liked about the My Strength campaign was the posters it created: clear, vibrant, positive images and messages. Wouldn’t it be good to have something like that in the UK, we thought, but with a gritty, quirky, UK flavour, sex positive and aimed at gay, bi and trans guys? Yes!

So, having persuaded the amazing Del LaGrace Volcano to create the images for us, here we are… ‘do what you both want’… with a message that says…Sex is good! But it’s not good – and a crime – when something happens that you don’t want and don’t consent to. So let’s all take action to make sure that the people we want to have sex with agree to it. As many guys already know, it’s hot to negotiate and agree around sex and you can do it!